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          E: info@ | P: 416-987-3126
          • Services
            • Communitions and Technology Advisory
            • Community Development
            • Economic Development
            • Marketing and Advertising
            • Venture pital Resources
          • Portfolio
            • Website Development
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            • Direct Email
              One-on-one communition and a most effective and profitable way to reach out to our existing and new clients.
            • Social Media Marketing
              Strategies to grow our business, improve our brand presence and attract new customers on all social platforms daily.
            • Video Production
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            • Graphic Design
              Emphasis on delivering creative ways of information to our people.
          • Consulting
            • Strategic Marketing
              for both sides of your brain.
            • Innovation
              Working with entrepreneurs in the social impact startup space ensures we are exposed daily to some of the most innovative ideas, and most challenging compensation questions, in the world.
          • Investment
            • Competitive Advantage
              Your business plan must identify how you will be able to harness your innovation to grow market share over time while maintaining high margins in the face of increasing competition.
          • Our Approach
            • Our Mission
              Our mission is to help create exceptionally successful companies by providing early-stage funding and functional advice to innovative entrepreneurs with big dreams.
          Turning our independence, expertise, and innovation into a compensation solution for you. Contact Us

          About our team

          We are an aboriginal owned, full-service consulting firm.

          Customer service

          We are ready to provide best-in-class?business services.


          New growth opportunities in new markets. An ecosystem that fosters innovation.

          Value Add

          Ability to help portfolio companies success in ways traditional investors nnot.

          Our customers

          A list of partners, clients
          • CFNP

            “It was excellent! Please keep creating!

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          • Sharon D. Ricketts

            Excellence in practice

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          • Kenneth S. Augustine

            “Very well organised and executed.

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          • Deloris J. Walls

            “Excellent, professional, unique and enjoyable.

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